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What our listeners are saying

‘This is a very carefully sound production of an excellent performance by clarinettist Emirhan Tuga and pianist Edzo Bos’
Rakendra Smit
Rakendra Smit Music Journalist/ muziekwereld.nl
‘Emirhan Tuğa, who is equally fond of folkloric and maqam compositions, new music, jazz and avant-garde, has created an archival collection CD which can be enjoyed by curious listeners, music historians and musicology experts. The recording reflects the diversity of the Turkish compositions produced for
clarinet-piano over the last 90 years’
Şefik Kahramankaptan Culture and art journalist/ music author/ Sanattan Yansimalar

“It all fits together wonderfully well and if you want to hear an illustration of the notion of “world music”, you’re at the right spot here”


Dani Heyvaert Music Journalist/ rootstime.be

‘Really Great!’

Jan Pieter Koch Musicologue and Composer

‘A refind and qualified CD album’

Ayşe Yavaş Musicologist/ Programmer/ TRT 3 and Borusan Klasik Radio

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